The bodies of the Center for Girls are the Assembly, the Council, the Programme Coordinating Body and project coordinators.

The Assembly consists of all the members of the Center for Girls.

The Council consists of five members. This body is independent in its work in relation to other organization bodies, and supervises the work of all other bodies. The work in the Council is not paid for.

The Council of the Center for Girls is made up of the following representatives:

  1. Lucija Mitić
  2. Nina Živković
  3. Marijana Prokopović
  4. Nadica Kuculović Josifovski
  5. Marija Jevremčević

The Programme Coordinating Body is an executive organ of the organization, which takes care that the objectives of the organization are met. The Programme Coordinating Body is made up of four coordinators:

  • Tatjana Nikolić – Executive Coordinator
  • Marija Virijević – Progame Coordinator
  • Marta Stanojević – Finance Coordinator
  • Sara Plazinić – Coordinator for work with beneficiaries



On December 15, 2015, the meeting of the Center for Girls COUNCIL was held. At the meeting, the activities of the Center for Girls, as well as a new strategic plan for the period 2016/2018 were presented, followed by a discussion and informal talk.

If you want to support the work of the Center for Girls, the number of our foreign account in Komercijalna bank is:
You can leave your contact on our e-mail to let you know about the funds that we collected and the way we've improved the position of girls. Thank you.


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