Center for Girls became part of the project "Good deeds create heroes" launched by Daibau International.

Center for Girls activist Tatjana Nikolić and actress Dragana Jovanović participated in the 17th Pitchwise Festival of Women's Art and Activism, which was held in Sarajevo from September 8 to September 11, 2022.

On May 18, activists of the Regional Network SOUTH - Women Against Violence marked the Day of Remembrance of Women Victims of Violence in Leskovac by discussing the phenomenon of femicide with representatives of institutions and the media.

On the first and second of August, we held a workshop against burning out in the beautiful nature of the village of Gornji Matejevac, not far from Niš.

Ten female artists from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Macedonia attended the 8th Feminist Art Colony held from July 24 to July 31 in Sićevo. This year's art colony hosted Irma Merdanić (Bihać), Ana Trajkovska (Skopje) and Ivana Samandova (Skopje), Jelena Prljević (Užice), Jana Stankovski (Belgrade), Dunja Čorlomanović (Belgrade), Tamara Zečević (Belgrade), Anastasija Tasić ( Belgrade), Sanja Solunac (Kragujevac) and Sara Milojević (Belgrade).


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