In the last week of May, for the second time in a row, the activists of the Center for Girls organized the Women's Health Week, which was, along with the performance of The Waiting Room, dedicated to Violeta St. Zinovijev, our old friend and long-time activist.

On May 28, the International Day of Action for Women's Health is celebrated. During the Women's Health Week, we want to remind all women that their health and health care are extremely important, considering the fact that women, unfortunately, do not take enough care of their health or when they start to, it might be too late.


This year, Women's Health Week lasted from May 26 to June 1. The topics we dealt with during this week were the following:

  • May 26. Yoga - Ana Stevanović, studio New Moon Yoga Center, at 16:30
  • May 27. The Prevention of Breast Cancer and Cervical Cancer - a lecture delivered by Simona Dašić, a gynaecologist, at Stevan Sremac Public Library at 18:00
  • May 28. A street action between Kalča Business Center and the entrance to Tinkers' Alley at 11:00
  • May 28. Girls' Reproductive Health - a lecture delivered by Simona Dašić, a gynaecologist, at February 12 Technical School at 12:00
  • May 29. What Is Our Emotional Address - a workshop held by Lidija Marković Roseti at the Center for Girls at 18:00
  • May 30. Handling Care - a workshop held by Maja Delibašić, a psychologist, at the Center for Girls at 18:00
  • May 31. Zumba and Latino Aerobics - a training held by Nataša Nikić in NIA Studio at 18:00
  • June 1. The Waiting Room - a play performed by the feminist-activist theatre of the Center for Girls. The play was directed by Nataša Milojević, whereas the score for the play was composed by Boris Novaković. The play was performed at the Academic Theatre of the Student Cultural Center.


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