We thank all who took some time and came to celebrate 21 years of work and operation of the Center for Girls, and those people who donated money even though they could not join us that evening.


On this occasion, we especially thank @Labeerint (https://www.facebook.com/labeerint.nis/) on the allocated space and the band, and @Gurmanlook (http://www.gurmanlook.com/) as they helped celebrate our birthday donating salty buns. At the celebration, Milica Žiivić, Marta Stanojević, Mila Stanojević and Silvija Mihajlović told the lyrics from the plays “Vagina Monologues”, “I am an emotional being” and “Invisible 45+”. These texts have transmitted the values that we advocate. Jana Momirović and Milica Stojković shared their personal stories about how much the support of the Center for Girls was important to them. The atmosphere at the celebration of the 21st birthday was emotional and relaxed. We thank all people who have been supporting us all these years.


Photo: Emilija Miljković Ivković


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