There were 12 female artists from different parts of Serbia, from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia at the 4th Feminist Art Colony. In the organization of the Center for Girls, the colony was held in Sicevo – the place where a famous art colony was founded 113 years ago by a painter Nadezda Petrovic.

As every previous year, the participants have also been full of impressions this year.

“I am happy because I was able to watch the play about Nadezda Petrovic, who I learned a lot about,“ said Jovana Braletic from Belgrade, who was impressed by conversations with colleagues on various topics, listening and respecting each other, all of which does not happen so often in real life.

Senka Zugic has also been inspired by conversations with colleagues and different experiences, although, as she says, all of them are from the same branch.

"People today mostly say 'We do not have money even for bread, who will buy paintings...' so I somehow set off into applied art. I make games and applications, and this colony is refreshing to me, because I relax with art, being away from computers and my business preoccupation," explains Senka, who is currently at Ph.D. studies at the Department of Digital Art in Belgrade.

Excellent communication with colleagues has also impressed Silvana Spasić from Brestovac near Leskovac, who teaches art in two elementary schools in Leskovac, although, as she says, they are all different personalities.

"Except for hanging out, the accompanying program was also great for me. All three performances and films impressed me a lot. The play about Nadezda, especially the last part of her life and her reasoning which coincide in many ways with mine. 'I am an emotional being' has made me do some serious thinking because we have heard about various problems of teenagers everywhere in the world, which cannot often be heard. On the other hand, the play 'Invisible 45+' talks about topics which are familiar to us, about which there is little talk. It strikes me especially because I am in those years. I particularly liked the solidarity in this play”, Silvana made observations about the accompanying program that was part of the Feminist Art Colony.


Compliments to the organizers

“Much has left an impression on me, I may not be aware of something yet, but I will surely be when everything settles down. One of the things that I really liked is how you work, how professionally and bravely you perform, and you are not professional actresses. It looks is you are set free, and I believe that a great deal of this has been achieved through the association”, Ana Pavic conveyed her impressions. She also points out that she is proud of herself because she has been at a place where hundreds of female and male artists have been too, and the fact that she was able to create in such a beautiful environment.

Nevena Ljubenovic also has compliments for the Center for Girls. “All the best to your work and dedication, for such a colony that I am happy because I could give my contribution. It meant a lot to me because I was learning new things about art and life in general”, said Nevena who lives in Prosek, near Nis and Sicevo.

The first exhibition of works created at this year's Feminist Art Colony will be at the gallery "Art 55" from 8th to 13th of October.

Performance "Nadezda Petrovic - a self-portrait in plural" was directed and by Dragana Jovanovic who also has a role in the play, as well as Bratislava Mitic. Performances "I am an emotional being" and "Invisible 45+" are part of the feminist-activist theater of the Center for Girls.

The fourth Feminist Art Colony was supported by the OAK and Trag through the project "Active in the fight for a better life and a safer position of girls in society," and partly financed from the funds collected through the platform



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