During four days in Lukovska Banja, 16 girls from Uzice, Prijepolje, Vlasotince, and Nis, increased their knowledge about violence against girls through creative ways of learning and acquired the skill of acting in performances with the elements of the forum theater.
The training was facilitated by Tatjana Nikolic and Silvija Mihajlovic, and photographs were taken by Marta Stanojevic.


How the training changed not only her knowledge but also her faith, and how important it is, you can see from the evaluation of one of the participants who said: "A wonderful experience. I never dealt with acting, and I did not even try. The problem is that I persuaded myself that I could not act, but I changed my mind. I CAN, SHOULD I WANT, WISH AND LIKE! I learned that this sentence would push me further in my life. I'm going from here more mature than when I came. It is great progress in the sense that I got a much better attitude about everything. Great thanks, or more precisely, enormous gratitude to Tanja and Silvija for their knowledge and positive energy. Both the training for workshops and the training for forum theater really meant a lot. During these four days, I met very good people. I can even say honest friends who will not make you feel bad in any way. I can hardly wait to start a forum theater, and also workshops. I am a person who does not have so much self-confidence, but I realize that I now believe in myself for a lot more. I'm glad to have met you. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING! I LOVE YOU! <3 <3 <3 "

The staging of the performance is planned for the beginning of the school year.

The project "Actively and publicly against violence against girls" was financially supported by the UN Trust Fund.



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