This February 14, the Center for girls again empowered girls and women by performing Vagina's monologues in the environment that is considered patriarchal and these topics are taboo topics.

We have enabled our female fellow citizens in Niš to hear confessions about the most intimate experiences of other women and girls from all over the world. We touched them with these stories and encouraged to think about themselves and their relationship with their inner being. This piece is still topical because many girls and women still feel guilt and shame when it comes to their own bodies or sexuality. On February 14, 2020, activists from the Center for Girls performed Vagina's monologues for the 12th time. There were 19 girls and women aged 11-63 on the scene, 9 of them performing for the first time. 

Thank Labeerint for giving to us space this year again, We thank Jill Wilkowski with which we began to perform them in 2011.





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