The fight for women's rights began on March 8, 1857, with a demonstration in New York when women employed in the textile industry rebelled over poor working conditions, low salaries and 10-12 working hours. Unfortunately, the struggle for economic, political and social equality between women and men continues today.

In Niš, 10 activists told the life stories of girls and women who are changing history by changing established rules and traditions. We are very proud of them, and on our longstanding contribution to empowering girls to speak publicly about violence.

At the very end, we joined female friends from Croatia with the performance Patriarch Rape! and we sent support to female fighters Latin American women.

Carrying the message “Silence does not protect us” we were together and with our friends from Banja Luka.

We thank our friends from Le Zbor and Oštra Nula for inviting us to join the action.



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