In spite of Covid19, we made it possible for female artists to create together this year as well.
From August 1st through August 8th 2020, we held the Sixth Feminist Art Colony attended by 11 female artists from Serbia.

Due to the coronavirus the colony had not been held in Sicevo, but spread out to multiple locations within the city or the outskirt where the participants created their works of art. As a follow up program, four plays were held at the colony: "Self-portrait in Plural", performed by actresses Dragana Jovanovic and Bratislava Mili?; part of the play "Petrified" performed by the actress Dragana Jovanovic; "Vagina's Monologues", and "I am an emotional being", both performed by the Center for Girls activists. 37 works of art were created at the colony.

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Photos by: Aleksandra Nikolić, Emilija Miljković & Marija Virijević


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