For the 7th year in the row, we held the ArtFemine festival of feminist activism and art from July 3rd through July 5th 2020 - this year under the slogan "Always Together First".

There were no guests from the region due to Covid19, but a number of guests from other cities within the country did attend and participate. This year's festival included ten activities. All of them were held live as the state of emergency had ended a month before and it was necessary for women to be there for one another.

"Always First - Women and Covid19" was a panel where women from different fields of work talked about the hardships they faced and had to deal with during the pandemic, from their personal and busines perspectives.

Center for Girls activists held up eight messages seen by over 500 people as a part of the "Together" street action.

Women from the Roza Association for Women's Rights at Work from Zrenjanin performed "Together Towards Dignified Work".


We held six workshops:
"In Search of Freedom and Theatre by Bike", led by Maja Miti?;
"Creacyicling" (Creative Recycling) held by Tanja Caki?;
"Our Identities and Realities" held by An?ela ?eh;
"Challenging the Women's Power within us", held by Ana Stefanovi?;
"Soaping", let by Marta Stanojevi? and Sanja Krsti?;
"Dancing into a Women's Revolution", led by An?elija Milovanovi?.






Facebook Galerija

Photo by: Aleksandra Nikolić, Danica Stamenović, Emilija Miljković, Sanja Krstić, Marija Virijević


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