We opened an exhibition called "Boys don't cry, and girls are pretty" in the gallery of the Nis Cultural Center. At the exhibition, you can see the works created at the VI Feminist Art Colony, the works will be exhibited until April 19. The opening was covered by City Radio.

Due to the current epidemic measures, up to 10 people could attend the opening, so not all artists attended, but that did not stop them from sharing with us their experiences and emotions that they experienced through their participation in the colony.

Below is the text of Smiljka Jovanovic, one of the participants in the Feminist Art Colony.


Feminism in practice

The feminist art colony Sicevo has been running for six years and this is the second one I have participated in, but it is as if I have been a part of it and its continuity from the beginning. As a feminist and visual artist, I feel not only pride but also satisfaction and fulfillment that I am part of a project that is unique in its concept in the region. The very thought that my works will become part of the collection, which will inspire and empower young artists, personally inspires and encourages me in my work.

The collection that grows with age is a trace of the time of women's creativity. Every year it is richer by dozens of paintings, collages, watercolors? Every year these works are shown at several exhibitions in the region.

I wish every woman could feel what I felt during my participation in the Feminist Art Colony. An atmosphere of female togetherness and mutual support, a feeling of sincere joy when someone does a good job, a unique sense of creativity and creation in togetherness.

I would like to thank the organizers as well as all participants in all six Feminist Art Colonies in Sicevo, for creating this unique feminist-artistic platform, which gave me the opportunity to experience feminism and the female community in practice.




You can see more photos on ours fb page and instagram page.


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