Center for Girls hosted and welcomed seven artists for this year's Feminist Art Colony, who spent their 7 days in Sićevo creating their artworks.

Their words will best describe how they spent their time there and how they felt at the colony, so we leave you with some of their impressions.

What did participation in the Feminist Art Colony mean for you and what emotion did it bring out in you?


• For me it meant something beautiful. The journey, personal growth, meeting with the new, exploration, abolishing of personal prejudices, getting out of my comfort zone, education, empowerment. I am inspired that something like this exists on this planet and it gives me hope that things can change for the better inside our own community. I am left with positive feelings. A feeling of being a part of something, of acceptance and self-worth. I made new friends and I will always remember this community full of peace, tolerance, joy, and creativity.


• Participating in the Feminist Art Colony meant a lot to me. This Colony brought about new friendships for me, but also new experiences and a stay at a gorgeous place. I thought about learning and getting to know many new things I had not heard about before. I wanted to hear more about feminism, which I did. As i thought, I saw that feminists are strong, brave, ready to fight, smart women of strong character, but also gentle and feeling, noble, full of love and understanding for everyone around them. I am left with positive feelings. During this Colony I felt a strong connection with all women, I felt the power of mutual respect and support. For the first time I felt complete freedom. My happiness was obvious and unconditional. All the energy that i felt emanating from all of them helped me reflect on curing my phobias. Even the smallest frustrations i felt disappeared. I was inspired all the time and full of creativity for creating artworks.


This colony was participated by:
Lea Čepić (Rijeka, Hrvatska), Valentina Kovačević (Kruševac), Una Antović (Niš), Zvezdana Gerić (Štrpce), Jelena Utješenović (Beograd), Maja Mrdaković (Kragujevac) and Sanja Solunac (Lapovo).


Accompanying program of the 7th Feminist Art Colony:

July 25 - Part of the play Petrified - Jelena Dimitrijević - Dragana Jovanović.
July 26 - I am an emotional creature, an activist theater of the Center for Girls.
July 27 - Play Nadežda Petrović - self-portrait in the plural.
July 29 - Workshops with Evelyn Costa, Brazilian director and Maja Mitić, actress and artistic director of the Nishville Jazz Theater Festival.

As after the previous 6 colonies, a joint exhibition of works created at the 7th Feminist Art Colony is planned. The realization of the colony was supported by the OAK and Trag foundations.

You can find more photos on our fb page and instagram profile.

Stay with us.


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