In Niš and Aleksinac, on February 14, people danced to the song "Break The Chain", in order to raise the voice against violence toward women.

"Vuk Karadžić" elementary school from Žitkovac (Aleksinac) joined the global campaign "One Billion Rising against violence toward women" for the first time this year at the invitation of the Center for Girls. Their students performed a choreography to the song "Break The Chain" and were joined by their female teachers, while their male peers and teachers gave them support.

In the center of Niš, over thirty girls and women danced to the song "Break the Chain" and thereby participated in this year's "One Billion Rising" campaign. Over 2,500 people stopped and watched  the dance. Members of SOS Vlasotince, Association of Roma Women - Osvit and the Center for Girls (organizations from the Women Against Violence network), activists and citizens, Roma girls who come to the Day Center for Children and several members of the Primavera dance studio, danced to stand up against violence against women.

"One billion Rising" is the largest action in the history of international movements against violence toward women. The action was initiated in 2013 by the playwright, writer and activist V (previously Eve Ensler). This action is a reaction to the disturbing statistics of the United Nations that 1 in 3 women will be beaten, raped or psychologically abused during their lifetime. Since there were 7 billion people living in the world at that time, this meant that over a billion women experienced some form of violence. With the current world population of 8 billion, that number is, unfortunately, even higher.

Photographers: Nataša P., Marta S.

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Photos from event in Aleksinac view HERE.

Photos from event in Niš view HERE.


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