Over 700 people saw the performance "Women's Graveyard", performed by the activists of the Center for Girls on a rainy day, on the occasion of 9 femicides since the beginning of the year. Many passers-by stopped, commented, photographed and recorded the performance, some of them wanted to share their experience with violence or the experience of a woman close to them, and one fellow citizen stood with us the whole time.

Sixty activists, women and citizens participated in the Women's March, which was held in Nis on the occasion of the upcoming International Women's Day. Seven member organizations of the Women Against Violence network: Association of Roma women Nada, Women for Peace, Association of Roma Women Bujanovac, Association of Roma Women Osvit, Independent Women's Center, SOS Vlasotince and Center for Girls walked the streets of Nis today.

At the three-day training on combating human trafficking and working with children who live/work on the street or live in poverty, the participants had the opportunity to hear representatives of the organization Zemlja djece (The Land of Children), Mirsada Bajramović and Medina Gračić, and professors from the Criminalistics police academy in Belgrade, Milan Žarković.

The Center for Girls conducted empowering self-defense workshops for 127 participants, in 6 Niš secondary schools and one faculty: "Svetozar Marković" Gymnasium, "Stevan Sremac" Gymnasium, "Nikola Tesla" Electrical and Technical School, "Neimar" Construction and Technical School, Law and Business School, Traffic and Technical School "12. February" and the Faculty of Philosophy in Niš.

Over 1,000 people saw the dance performed by the activists of the Center for Girls and members of the Dance club Primavera and Dance Club Illusion Dance Community to the song "Break The Chain" in Obrenovićeva Street in the center of Niš and, together with people all around the world, sent a message that violence against girls and women must stop.


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