The Center for Girls held a training session for volunteers of the Day Center for Children, where those present had the opportunity to learn about the way of working in the field and in the Day Center for Children.

The Center for Girls launches the Day Center for Children, intended for children in Niš who live and/or work on the streets or live in poverty.

The Center for Girls became part of the Working Group for the development of a new planning document in the field of combating human trafficking, together with five other organizations from the country, which work to solve the problem of human trafficking.

The 9th Feminist Art Colony was successfully held in Sićevo. Eight artists participated in the colony: Tamara Knežević (Novi Sad), Jelena Čuljić (Trstenik), Vanja Bajović (Čačak), Marija Jojić (Belgrade), Sanja Solunac (Belgrade), Marija Matović (Belgrade), Anđelija Roglić (Raška), Isidora Marzano (Belgrade).

Over 1,500 people saw the street action "For legal and free abortion", which was held by the activists of the Center for Girls, due to the news that the doctors at the Niš Clinical Center refused to perform an abortion on a female patient.


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