46 educational workshops on the following subjects: The Prevention of Girl Trafficking, The Prevention of Violence against Girls, Girls' Reproductive Health, and Women's Human Rights, involving 493 participants;

4 lectures on the following subjects: Girls' Reproductive Health, Feminism and Art, and The Short History of Feminism, involving 102 participants;

2 panel discussions on the following subjects: Positive Influence of Sports to Women's Health, and Women/Violence/Media, involving 36 participants;

Violence against Women and Girls Conference with 13 speakers (11 women and 2 men) and 111 participants;

Training entitled Increasing OCS Capacities and Public Servants' Competences for Implementing Anti-Discriminatory Policies in Niš District, involving 26 participants;

2 sport classes which were attended by 195 girls and yooung women;

5 street action seen by over 3,300 people;

March on March 8 with over 100 people;

The Feminist Action Performance, involving 34 participants, and seen by 100 people;

Ana Ćurčin concert, entitled The Music Night, attended by over 120 visitors;

2 art exhibitions with 200 visitors at the opening;

ArtFemine Festival involving 34 participants;

Feminist Art Colony involving 14 participants;

Took part in the first National Study on the Social Problem of Sexual Child Abuse in the Republic of Serbia, and interviewed 361 students in 19 schools;

Conference and public discussion entitled From the National Strategy to the National Study on the Prevention of Sexual Child Abuse in the Field of Education involving 58 participants;

2 humanitarian parties and 2 visits to Preševo;

Signed the Agreement on the Intersectoral Cooperation and Action in Cases of Domestic Violence, and on the Protection of Women Victims of Intimate Partner Violence in the City of Niš Territory.


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