We welcomed November in the street, showing support to the women from Poland who had already spent an entire week in the streets, protesting the newly passed decision to end the right to legal abortion in their country.

Some of the messages we held up in Obrenovi?eva street on November 2nd were: "We demand that abortion stays legal.", "Legal abortion must be a woman's right.", and "Banning abortion won't reduce the number of abortions, it will reduce the number of safe abortions instead." This wasn't the first time that we've shown support to the women in Poland, but we also wanted to send a message to our fellow citizens that each and every woman needs to have the right to choose, the right to make her own decisions on matters affecting her body.

We thank the media who documented the street action: Niske vesti, City radio, Media&Reform center Nis, Juzne vesti.

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Photography by: Emilija Miljković i Marta Pejčić




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