On the first and second of August, we held a workshop against burning out in the beautiful nature of the village of Gornji Matejevac, not far from Niš.

The workshop was led by psychotherapist Maja Delibašić, 9 women from the Regional Network South participated (Center for Girls Niš, SOS Vlasotince, Women for Peace Leskovac and Independent Women's Center Dimitrovgrad). The exercises were designed to help us connect with ourselves, with our body, with our content and to discover, each for ourselves, new ways to face situations that exhaust us, keeping in mind how to protect ourselves from it.

On the first day, we did a sensory awareness exercise. In this exercise we involved all our senses. We ended the day with another exercise, listening to stories (Kitna). After this exercise, most of the participants stated that they enjoyed the day in nature with the workshops and that they now feel lighter because they managed to put all the obligations and pressures they have on the side.

On the second day, we looked back at the previous day, what we did and what significance yesterday's exercises had for us. After that, we did exercises – Searching for answers and Map of the journey, where we mapped everything we did during the training with free associations. After choosing the strongest impressions during these two days, the task was to shape it through a haiku poem.

This is a new experience for me, personally, especially since the workshops were held in nature. I could smell various smells, hear different sounds, and the special experience was that I was surrounded by animals. I learned to distinguish between stress and burnout. To listen to my body that sends me messages. To hear others and be heard. The feeling of inner emptiness due to the lack of social contacts has disappeared. With the support of my friend, I started to enjoy life's activities.

A wonderful time spent with wonderful women. For a moment I felt safe and relaxed. Thank you so much for everything.

–said some of the participants

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