Together with our fellow activists from Leskovac, Dimitrovgrad, Vlasotinac and Užice, we participated in the global campaign Rise for and with Women of Afghanistan on September 25. Each organization held a street action in its city.

We shared the message from the banner SOLIDARITY WITH AND FOR THE WOMEN OF AFGHANISTAN in the center of the city of Nis with more than a thousand fellow citizens. Three activists brought the issue closer to fellow citizens by reading the confessions of girls and women from Afghanistan.

Together with thousands of others around the world we supported the global campaign organized by @1billionrising @vdayorg @eveensler

Why? Because we believe that women in Afghanistan have the right to education, to travel, to freedom of movement, to work, to security, to the freedom to breathe and be.

#RiseForAndWithWomenOfAfghanistan #StandWithWomenofAfghanistan




Photo: Emilija Miljkovic Ivkovic



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