Center for Girls activist Tatjana Nikolić and actress Dragana Jovanović participated in the 17th Pitchwise Festival of Women's Art and Activism, which was held in Sarajevo from September 8 to September 11, 2022.

Tatjana Nikolić conducted empowering self-defense workshops (ESD) for festival participants, and as part of the event, the play "Oxygen" was performed, and two green apple trees were planted on that occasion. So far, Tatjana Nikolić has strengthened and trained 95 women and one man through her 57 hours of empowering self-defense, and for her and Dragana Jovanović, this is the sixth performance of the play "Oxygen", which means that they have enriched the planet with 12 new trees so far.

The festival took place in a cheerful, friendly atmosphere, where hugs, greetings and experiences were exchanged




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