Activists of the Center for Girls in Niš held a street action on the occasion of the femicide that happened in Vršac, when a father killed his 3 years old daughter, drowning her in a bucket of water, after the Center for Social Work allowed him to see the child, even though the girl's mother reported domestic violence several times in the past.

We demanded that those who worked on this case be fired and prosecuted, that the state take violence against girls and women seriously, and that femicide gets recognized as a special crime. Four thousand people saw the action, about three thousand of them stopped to read the banners, and many filmed, took pictures, asked questions and gave words of support, but unfortunately, there were also inappropriate comments that relativized the violence.

Femicide is the killing of a woman by a man just because she is a woman and is motivated by hatred of women, unequal distribution of power between men and women, discrimination and violence against women. This is the 25th femicide since the beginning of 2022.

Photographed by: Sanja K.

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