Over two thousand people saw the street action of the Center for Girls, held on the occasion of the European Day against Human Trafficking.

On that occasion, fellow citizens could read the messages "Forced criminal acts are human trafficking", "Forced marriage is human trafficking", "Forced labour is human trafficking", "Forced begging is human trafficking", while the song "Čep" by Marko Šelić Marcelo, which talks about the experience of a victim of human trafficking, was playing from the speakers the entire time. Several female activists were in charge of informing people about this topic and distributing pamphlets, which provide useful information about what human trafficking is, what its forms are, who the traffickers and victims are, how to protect yourself from human trafficking and who to report it to.

Human trafficking is a serious crime that involves buying and selling a person for the purpose of exploiting them. Anyone can be a trafficker or a victim of human trafficking, although the trafficker is usually a person whom the victim knows and trusts. Human trafficking includes: forced prostitution (sexual exploitation), forced labor (labor exploitation), forced begging, forced marriage, forced domestic work, forced criminal acts, organ trafficking (forced harvesting of organs for their sale).

Photographed by:Marija V.

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