Around ten activists and fellow citizens, took part in the second street action of the Center for Girls "Rape is a crime without a cause", on the occasion of the failure of the Higher Public Prosecutor's Office in Niš to respond to the public appeals to come forward with verified information and investigate the manner in which officials treated the girl who reported rape, especially the multiple taking of statements and the use of polygraphs, which can lead to secondary victimization of the victim and discourage girls and women who would report rape in the future.

Over 1000 passers-by saw the street action. Many of them stopped, took pictures, and commented. There were a lot of words of support, and some of the fellow citizens stopped to talk to us, commenting on the credibility of the polygraph as a means of proving the truthfulness of statements, the attitude of institutions and the media towards rape victims. Some of the comments we received were: "Well done", "You wrote it well, but is anyone going to read it", "There is no stopping; fight, go in the public with it as much as you can", "I support you"...

The participants held banners with inscriptions: "Rape is a crime without a cause", "What is the purpose of the polygraph in Niš?", "Secondary victimization is a practice in institutions in Serbia".

Photographed by: Marija V.

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