In ten secondary schools in Nis, where a team of seven young people performed educational theaters in front of their peers, interactive lectures on human trafficking were held for 125 teachers.

The teachers had the opportunity to learn about the results of the project and what their students learned through the theaters, but also to gain the necessary knowledge about human trafficking, how to recognize it, who to report it to, and how to protect it. himself and the students.

At the lectures, the teachers first watched a video of the educational theater, and then attended a presentation with useful information about human trafficking and methods of prevention and protection. Each group of teachers was also given papers with guidelines and indicators for easier recognition of the risk of human trafficking among students.

Many teachers were very interested in the topic. One teacher expressed his wish for cooperation in the field of suppression of forced begging in Niš, and several teachers also asked for video materials, in order to show them to students who did not have the opportunity to attend the theaters, as well as to their colleagues.

The meetings were held as part of the project "Protecting youth in Nis from human trafficking", supported by the American Embassy in Belgrade.












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