Over 1,000 people saw the street action held by the activists of the Center for Girls in Obrenovićeva Street in the center of Niš, on the occasion of the 17th European Cervical Cancer Prevention Week.

Over 600 pamphlets with information about the HPV virus, vaccines that protect against it, and regular gynecological examinations were distributed to fellow citizens.

The goal of this action was to raise the awareness of girls and women about the importance of going for a checkup and taking care of their reproductive health. With the help of transparencies, we sent messages:

Going to a regular gynecological examination can save your life.

If detected early, cervical cancer is 100% curable.

In Serbia, 1 woman dies every day, and 4 fall ill from cervical cancer.

Women in Serbia are 5th in terms of getting sick, and 2nd in terms of dying from cervical cancer in Europe.

HPV vaccines that protect against cervical cancer are finally free for girls and boys ages 9 to 19.

The action was photographed by Marija V.

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