At the three-day training on combating human trafficking and working with children who live/work on the street or live in poverty, the participants had the opportunity to hear representatives of the organization Zemlja djece (The Land of Children), Mirsada Bajramović and Medina Gračić, and professors from the Criminalistics police academy in Belgrade, Milan Žarković.

There was talk about the role of day care centers in identifying and combating human trafficking, especially forced begging, cooperation between institutions and the civil sector, the referral mechanism for preventing and combating the exploitation of children, the way of functioning and the role of the mobile identification team (MIT), as well as the practices that are resulting from the long-term work of the organization Zemlja djece (The Land of Children). The training was attended by 41 person representatives of: Basic and Higher Public Prosecutor's Office in Niš, Criminal Court, Center for Social Work, Home for Children and Youth "Duško Radović", Children's Shelter, Elementary School "Vuk Karadžić", Gymnasium "Stevan Sremac", Law and business schools, economic schools and fashion and beauty schools, as well as activists of the Center for Girls.

Tatjana Nikolić from the Center for Girls and Mirsada Bajramović from the Land of Children made statements for Belle Amie and N1 television, and were also guests on Niška television.


We are grateful to the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia for providing the hall and hospitality.

The training was organized by the Center for Girls as part of the project "Improved social cohesion in Niš and South Serbia through reducing the risk of human trafficking and increasing the resilience of street children", supported by the European Union, through the EU Pro Plus program.

Photos by Teodora M.





















Photo: Teodora M.



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