Sixty activists, women and citizens participated in the Women's March, which was held in Nis on the occasion of the upcoming International Women's Day. Seven member organizations of the Women Against Violence network: Association of Roma women Nada, Women for Peace, Association of Roma Women Bujanovac, Association of Roma Women Osvit, Independent Women's Center, SOS Vlasotince and Center for Girls walked the streets of Nis today.

We demand that femicide be recognized as a separate crime; Stop violence against girls/women; Rape is a crime without reason; it's never her fault! The responsibility lies with the abuser; Roma women for a society without gender-based violence; One billion rise for freedom; In solidarity with the women of Afghanistan, Iran, Syria and Ukraine; We demand that abortion remain legal; Legal abortion must be a woman's right; You have the right to live without discrimination; We demand that women's work be paid; For economically independent women; Women's human rights; We trust you; We're listening to you; We respect your decisions; Sexual violence against girls and women cannot go unpunished; The only important thing is that you are well, because you are not alone; More feminists in decision-making places to make women's suffrage heard; Stop killing women, because a woman gave birth to you, were the messages sent from the banners carried by the participants. Eight participants bore the names of girls, women and women killed since the beginning of the year.

Over 3000 people saw the march, stopped, took pictures and filmed. The march started with a dance to the song "Break the Chain", performed by activists of the Center for Girls and members of the Primavera Dance Club, and later the participants went for a walk through the central streets of Niš. Tatjana Nikolić from the Center for Girls and Ana Saćipović from the Association of Roma Women Osvit gave statements to the media.

The march was supported by OAK and the Trag Foundation and the Global Fund for Women.

How the march went, see in the video:

and photos:

Photos by: Marija V., Nina M. and Boban R.

Video by: Boban R.













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