Over 700 people saw the performance "Women's Graveyard", performed by the activists of the Center for Girls on a rainy day, on the occasion of 9 femicides since the beginning of the year. Many passers-by stopped, commented, photographed and recorded the performance, some of them wanted to share their experience with violence or the experience of a woman close to them, and one fellow citizen stood with us the whole time.

Since the beginning of 2023, in 9 weeks, 9 girls and women have been killed by their current/former husbands/partners, stepfathers, stepchildren…

FEMICIDE is the killing of a woman just because she is a woman. It is motivated by hatred of women, a feeling of superiority and a desire to control her life, and the killers are most often their closest, current/former husband/partner, son, brother, father, stepfather, or some other male person.

We demand that FEMICIDE be recognized as a separate crime.

Photographed by Maria V.

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