Over 2,500 people saw the performance "Women's Graveyard" which, on the occasion of yesterday's Remembrance Day for Women Victims of Violence, was performed by 17 Center for Girls' activists in Obrenovićeva Street, in the center of Niš. The participants wore the names of girls/women killed since the beginning of this year, and the names of over 400 girls/women killed from 2010 to today were heard from the speakers.

We requested:

-Establishment of a working team that will analyze cases of violence against girls/women;

-Formation of central records on violence against girls/women and femicide;

-Public hearing on failures of institutions in dealing with cases of reported violence.


We would like to thank N1 television, Belle Amie television, the Niške vesti portal and the Anatolia agency for reporting on our street action.


Photo: Emilia I. M.

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