Association of Roma women Osvit and the Center for Girls walked the streets of Nis today. Fifty female activists and citizens participated in the Women's March, which was held in Niš on the occasion of March 8, International Women's Day. The Association of Roma Women Nada Aleksinac also joined the march.

Through the megaphone, Marica Pajović from Osvit and Tatjana Nikolić from the Center for Girls spoke aloud the messages that were being carried:

For women's human rights; We demand that women's work be paid. For economically independent women; together: women's rights, labor rights, women's solidarity; Equality is a team sport; More feminists in decision-making places to make women's suffrage heard; Stop violence against girls/women; The victim is never to blame! The responsibility lies with the abuser; Sexual violence against girls and women cannot go unpunished; The only important thing is that you are well, because you are not alone; You are not alone; One billion rise for freedom; We demand that femicide be recognized as a separate crime; Roma women for a society without gender-based violence; You have the right to live without discrimination; For legal and free abortion; A woman has a place in politics; If a woman hairdresser is acceptable, so is a woman politician and a minister! If a woman teacher is acceptable, so should be a woman lawyer and a councilor! Menstrual products are a basic necessity, not a luxury! Every woman has the right to a safe and dignified childbirth. Stop obstetric violence! Rape is a crime without reason.

Tatjana Nikolić from the Center for Girls and Anabela Saćipović from the Association of Roma Women Osvit gave statements to the media. Thank you to N1 television, Radio-television of Serbia and Copernicus television for reporting on the march.

The march was supported by OAK and the Trag Foundation.


Check out all the photos from the march HERE.

Check out video from the march HERE.


Photos: Marija V.

Video: Boban R.

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