"Human Trafficking And The Youth" tribune, which we held at the Traffic And Technical School „ February12" in Niš, attended 73 young people and several teachers.

Tatjana Nikolić, the Executive Coordinator of the Center for Girls, spoke at the panel, along with Nikola Pavlović and Nikola Vučković, students of this school, peer educators on the topic of human trafficking prevention.

On that occasion, the students who attended had the opportunity to watch short video clips from the educational theater about the problem of human trafficking. Through this panel, the attendees learned what human trafficking is, what its forms and methods of recruitment are, who can be a trafficker, and who can be a victim. They received information on how to recognize human trafficking, how to protect themselves, how to check all information before traveling abroad and who to contact if they suspect human trafficking. At the very end, the attendees received a pamphlet with more information about the problem of human trafficking.

Trbune is organized as part of the Anti-Trafficking Network project, "United Against Trafficking in Human Beings in Serbia".

The project is supported by OAK and Trag Foundation.

Photo: Marija V.





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