The Summer Olympics are under way and it is a real pleasure to listen to the commentators using gender-sensitive words for sports persons during the live coverage. However, gender-sensitive language cannot be heard that often in everyday speech, and it should not be so because what we have then is language discrimination.

Activists of the Center for girls organized Feminist Art Colony in Sićevo for the second time, which lasted July 24-31, 2016. One of the goals of this colony is to empower young artist to learn about feminist ideas and incorporate them into their work.

Over 70 associates of the Center for girls, members of The Circle of Serbian Sisters, local women and men gathered for the first time in Sićevo to see the play "Nadežda Petrović - Self-portrait in plural" in the second feminist art colony.

Even better energy and better weather has dominated, compared to last year’s, at the second Feminist Art Colony in Sićevo, organized by the Center for girls. Artists from 22 to 38 years of age from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Macedonia have created in the period from July 24-31, 2016.

In a sea of obligations - school, college, the jobs that we do not like, but we do them because we have to survive - we forget our desires, dreams, our future. And then in the lives of us amateur actresses, not by chance, happens Center for Girls, which many of us recall of what we fantasized while we were girls, and realizes our forgotten desires.


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