Center for Girls held a press conference on the occasion of the successful completion of the PROJECT "SAFE: Empowering girls and women to feel safer in public places in Niš".

Every child has the right to live, to develop fully, the right to protection from harmful influences, abuse and exploitation, the right to full participation in family, cultural and social life. Unfortunately, many children in Niš cannot realize these rights. A large number of children from Niš and other cities, predominantly (but not exclusively) Roma, beg or work on the street, and there is also a large number of children living in poverty. These children are at risk of human trafficking and are deprived of the right to a free, happy and safe childhood, right to play and to study.

Over 1,000 people saw the street action with the performance Women's Cemetery and a banner with the inscription "Stop violence against girls / women!", performed by 25 activists in the center of Nis, on a rainy day, on the occasion of November 25 - the International Day against Violence against Women . With the performance, we also marked the beginning of the campaign "16 days of activism", as well as the campaign "One billion stands up against violence against women".

V (previously Eve Ensler, American writer, activist and initiator of the global campaign One Billion Rising) visited Center for Girls.

The meeting of the Regional Network SOUTH, held in Niš, was attended by members of the 4 organizations that make up the network – the Center for Girls from Niš, Women for Peace from Leskovac, SOS Vlasotince and the Independent Women's Center from Dimitrovgrad.


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