Over 1,500 people saw the street action "For legal and free abortion", which was held by the activists of the Center for Girls, due to the news that the doctors at the Niš Clinical Center refused to perform an abortion on a female patient.

Over 60 people attended the 10th anniversary ArtFemine Festival of Feminist Art and Activism, organized by the 0d Center for Girls on July 1-7, 2023.

Activists of the Center for Girls marked the International Day of Action for Women's Health and Reproductive Rights by distributing informative leaflets on the prevention of cervical cancer, in Obrenovićeva Street and in front of the Delta shopping center.

The representatives of the Center for Girls met with the representatives of three city municipalities - Pantelej, Crveni Krst and Medijana. On that occasion, they presented Empowering self-defense workshops and presented the results of research on the safety of girls and women in public places in Niš, as well as recommendations for measures to increase security, formed on the basis of the research.

Over 2,500 people saw the performance "Women's Graveyard" which, on the occasion of yesterday's Remembrance Day for Women Victims of Violence, was performed by 17 Center for Girls' activists in Obrenovićeva Street, in the center of Niš. The participants wore the names of girls/women killed since the beginning of this year, and the names of over 400 girls/women killed from 2010 to today were heard from the speakers.


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