Center for Girls has been working in different ways, for the past 23 years, on preventing and addressing the violence that girls and women experience.

With pleasure, we accepted the Dah Teatra's invitation to participate at their first Festival of Art and Human Rights held from October 23rd through October 28th 2020.

Center for Girls activists marked October 18th - European Anti-trafficking Day by holding up protest signs with messages such as: "Forced labor is human trafficking", and "Forced begging is human trafficking".

On October 12th Center for Girls activists performed the “Female Graveyard” in order to send a message to our fellow citizens that femicide is a problem that we all share and that people should not turn their heads because every ten days one woman is killed in Serbia.

The Center for Girls organized a cross-sectoral training "Improving the response in trafficking proceedings", as one of the last activities in the role of the coordinating organization of the Anti-Trafficking Network.


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