The Center for Girls conducted empowering self-defense workshops for 127 participants, in 6 Niš secondary schools and one faculty: "Svetozar Marković" Gymnasium, "Stevan Sremac" Gymnasium, "Nikola Tesla" Electrical and Technical School, "Neimar" Construction and Technical School, Law and Business School, Traffic and Technical School "12. February" and the Faculty of Philosophy in Niš.

Over 1,000 people saw the dance performed by the activists of the Center for Girls and members of the Dance club Primavera and Dance Club Illusion Dance Community to the song "Break The Chain" in Obrenovićeva Street in the center of Niš and, together with people all around the world, sent a message that violence against girls and women must stop.

In more than 150 countries in the world, on February 14, the performance "Vagina's Monologues" is traditionally read, which the activists of the Center for Girls performed for the 14th time this year. Twenty-one activist of the Center for Girls participated in the performance, the youngest of whom is 14 and the oldest 49, and the performance was performed in front of about forty people on the stage of the Student Cultural Center.

Gynecologist Merima Atanasković held interactive lectures for around 70 students of "Car Konstantin" Elementary School.

More than 1,500 passers-by saw the street action in which twenty-eight activists from the organizations that make the Women's Network Against Violence participated.


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