In the hall of the academic theater, over 50 people laughed, thought about and followed the lives and problems of 6 women. That was the first time on the stage for Jana Momirović. Fellow citizens who came to the play "Invisible 45+" donated 14,000 dinars to the Center for Girls. We thank the audience for their arrival, donations, attention and reactions.

The conference titled "Effects of Implementation of the Law on the Prevention of Domestic Violence and Challenges in the Work of Relevant Institutions and Organizations" was held on March 26, 2019, organized by the Center for Girls.

What they learned and what changes girls observed in themselves during the second year of the project "Actively and publicly against violence against girls":

Promotion of the book "Self-Defense – Basic Principles and Practical Application" by Andrijan Tasić, a graduate of physical education, was held on Wednesday, February 20, 2019, at 6 pm at the University Library "Nikola Tesla" in Niš.

When I was at the training for forum theatre, I thought I would not be able to do it right. That I'm just not for it and I do not know how to do it. The main change was precisely that I began to believe in myself and began to try to contribute in the best possible way to this project.

The whole project affected us, girls, both as individuals and people who need to transmit the message and influence people to move and join us in solving this problem. We became stronger, smarter, more resourceful, more relaxed. We became a team. We learned how to help each other and how to encourage each other to be better. Before I did not express my opinion, fearing how people would react, and then during all of this, I learned that I should really say what I mean, criticize and comment, but also accept criticism. We have influenced each other to be better versions of ourselves.

A special lovely kind of change I saw was in my friend who, after this, could talk freely and share with people what she went through in life and how she suffered violence. She is the person who serves me as an example to never give up. She has become a stronger person who is not ashamed of herself and her life, someone I am very proud of.

At the training, I said that I want to love myself completely and just because of you, I am gradually getting there.




Fotografisala: Sanja Krstić


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