A team of 7 young people, gathered in the Center for Girls almost a year ago, performed 21 educational theaters in 2022 as part of the project "Protecting Youth in Nis from the Human Trafficking", in ten high schools and one elementary school in Nis. Six hundred and nine young people attended the theaters and had the opportunity to actively participate.

About twenty activists and fellow citizens participated, on a rainy day, in the street action "Rape is a crime", which was organized across the street from the Basic Court in Niš by the Center for Girls, on the occasion of the inadequate treatment of the institutions in the investigation of the case of rape in Niš.

More than 5,000 people saw the performance "Women's Graveyard", which we performed in Obrenovićeva Street in Niš, on the occasion of two more femicides that happened in the span of just eight days.

In ten secondary schools in Nis, where a team of seven young people performed educational theaters in front of their peers, interactive lectures on human trafficking were held for 125 teachers.

Over 2, 000 people saw the street action "One Billion Rising 2023: Rise for Freedom", which was performed by twelve activists of the Center for Girls, on the occasion of ten years since the launching of the global campaign One Billion Rising.


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