Ten female artists from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Macedonia attended the 8th Feminist Art Colony held from July 24 to July 31 in Sićevo. This year's art colony hosted Irma Merdanić (Bihać), Ana Trajkovska (Skopje) and Ivana Samandova (Skopje), Jelena Prljević (Užice), Jana Stankovski (Belgrade), Dunja Čorlomanović (Belgrade), Tamara Zečević (Belgrade), Anastasija Tasić ( Belgrade), Sanja Solunac (Kragujevac) and Sara Milojević (Belgrade).

This summer, for the first time, Center for Girls organized a Feminist-Activist Camp for girls. During the 6 days that the camp lasted, 11 girls went through workshops on empowering self-defense (led by Tatjana Nikolić), violence against girls (led by Ana Mirkailo), the problem of human trafficking (led by Mina Žikić), digital security ( led by Sanja Krstić), activism (led by Marta Stanojević) and LBT+ topics (led by Marija Virijević), in the magical nature of Goč mountain.

Over 80 people visited the 9th consecutive ArtFemine festival called “Feminist heroines are here”. The Center for Girls hosted 25 participants from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia and Kosovo. The festival started with a feminist street action on Fortress bridge.

One hundred and seventy young people from secondary schools in Niš increased their knowledge about the prevention of human trafficking through five educational forum theaters.

The Center for Girls met with the representatives of the delegation of the Council of Europe for the fight against human trafficking, whose task is to evaluate the implementation of the convention by the contracting countries.


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